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Raging Rhino has 4096 ways to win but at the same time, some people say the game has over 4 million ways to lose. The truth is that this game is ultra-streaky – Highly volatile – with a player losing close to all their money and then with only one spin, win hundreds of thousands of dollars in one spin even when lacing a minimum bet. The size of bets don’t really matter in Raging Rhino, but the most important note is that placing minimum bets is recommended to minimize your loses.

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Raging Rhino is not really about strategy. It is mostly about luck. When you start playing the game, you want to start with minimum bets of $0.40 to minimum the chances if loss. Even with these small bets, you still stand a chance to win big payouts, which is one of the reasons players love Raging Rhino even with its volatility.

Of course, the chances of hitting all of the 4096 lines with one strike is quite tricky, but you could if you managed to hit a wild symbol in each of the 6 lines. This is why one could lose 90% of their money but make a huge hit with the remaining 10%. For this reason, you should not give up on the game until the end of it.

So, say you manage to hit 3 wild symbols. They will give you a 3x multiplier, which gives you the chance to reap handsome returns. One of the most enjoyable turns when playing Raging Rhino is when you hit at least 4 wild symbols. You will hear the Rhino charge on loud speaker that will let you know that you are winning. The adrenaline rush that comes from this as you patiently wait to know how much you have won is exhilarating.