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Raging Rhino Tips and Tricks

Raging Rhino players know that the game can be quite annoying. It is said to be the most volatile game on earth, meaning you could lose as easily as you win the game. One moment you would be riding high then the next, you are on your way down or have lost all the potential winnings. For this reason, most people do not like playing this jungle-themed game but they can’t stay away once they try it for the first time.

Tips when you Play Raging Rhino Online

When you start playing this game, remember the volatility and so manage your finances accordingly. You want to start with minimum bets of $0.40 each so that you have enough to get through to the big win. You want to keep playing even after the first strike as the machine could strike again. Being as the game is volatile, you want to take advantage of every win you could get. If you are placing minimum bets, then will have a lot more to gamble with without having to worry about a second strike.

One other tip that you want to remember is not to give up. When you play Raging rhino online, you could lose up to 80% of your stack in minutes, but you don’t have to leave the table yet. You would be surprised to make a comeback that could redeem all your losses. But at the same time, you only want to gamble with money that you can afford to lose – common advice being that you bet with not more than $100.

Raging Rhino Slot Reviews

Reviews on this game are mixed. Some who have had bad luck with raging rhino have nothing to do with it while those who have had a good run have nothing but good words for the game that could return handsomely.